Thursday, October 28, 2010

Killing Us Softly:Advertising's Image of Women

Body image and self esteem issues are some of the most overt ways in which gendered expectations manifest themselves.

The following links are trailers from pioneering movies made by Jean Kilbourne about how advertising is influenced by society and in turn exercises influence over society and leads to opinion formation of a specific kind that expect conformity to a norm. 

Also, you could visit her website: 

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  1. Fairness creams constitutes to be an average household product and why not? Fair and lovely engraves in the message "fairness is the ladder to success". Dove talks about 'natural beauty'. Aishwarya Rai seems to have devoted her entire life saving womankind from the 'bad hair day' syndrome. And to some ppl's delight...even men are being dragged in..

    a must-watch! a 3hr movie influences ppl...a half-an hour tv show does most powerful is an ad.coz ppl don realise wat happens in those few seconds! in few seconds v r convinced to become an anaeroxic, anaemic...all for that 'perfection'. But what is perfection and who gets to define it? Kilbourne also draws a very interesting link b/w objectification of women and justifying violence against them.